4 Steps to Kick Up Your Summer Workout

The Biggest LoserIf you have ever seen the NBC-TV show, The Biggest Loser, then you know how long and how hard those contestants work out on a daily basis.

And while the show is incredibly inspirational, if you’re like the rest of us, you also know that working out for 8 hours a day is not realistic. However, here are some great tips from celebrity fitness guru and The Biggest Loser alum, Brett Hoebel, which can help you fend off a summer workout slump!

Ready to get started?

1) Hit the H.I.I.T.

Shorter — but more intense — workouts boost your metabolism so you can burn more calories even after you stop working out. High Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT) will help keep you bikini ready in less than 30 minutes a session.

2) Hydrate

Whether your workouts are long or short, it’s important to stay hydrated before, during, and after them. Even if you’re not sweating bullets, you should be drinking more water — like resource® Natural Spring Water — than you usually would.

3) Fuel Up with Fruit

Whole fruit is a great way to get essential micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and digestive enzymes. Some popular low-sugar fruits include apples and berries; higher-sugar fruits include bananas and pineapples.

Beauty Basics4) Create Summer Play Dates

All fun and no play is no good! Make sure you add some fun to your workouts by taking your fitness outside during the summer. It’s important to try a new class, get a new workout buddy, and rock some new music playlists! You could also try 5K runs, which have fun party vibes.

Brett Hoebel is a fitness expert and was a trainer on the U.S. television show the Biggest Loser season 11.

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