Redefining Beautiful … through Giving Back to Others

  Let’s be honest: the first thing you notice about him are his GQ looks! Piercing blue eyes, well-defined cheekbones and a rock hard body could easily make others view him as nothing more than eye candy. If you knew him in person, however, you would discover that the real Paul Walker, was so much […]

Redefining Beautiful… through Cancer

  The first time I met her she was 18 and full of life, with a contagious laugh and a smile that could fill any room. She was also losing her mother to breast cancer. The last time I saw her – two years ago – she was about to be diagnosed with a rare […]

Redefining Beautiful

  The first time I saw her true beauty she was in profile. Raised on a ranch in northern Montana, she wasn’t dressed in the latest fashion. Her hair wasn’t stiff from hairspray; her face wasn’t slathered in makeup and her eyebrows weren’t tweezed beyond recognition. Rather, she was appropriately dressed for the occasion, her […]

Celebrity Airbrushing

At one point in time I stopped reading entertainment magazines for about a year. Want to know why? Because one day I realized that I would never look like the celebrities in those magazines. And, here’s the bad news: chances are pretty good that neither will you! But here’s the GOOD NEWS: the “standards” of […]

Coulda … Woulda … Shoulda …

Do you have any regrets in life? As I’ve gotten older, I have come to realize that I have two … (1) Not pursuing a Broadway career (everyone told me I belonged on stage but I wanted to be a movie star!), and (2) not telling the guy I was in love with how I […]