Coulda … Woulda … Shoulda …

Do you have any regrets in life? As I’ve gotten older, I have come to realize that I have two … (1) Not pursuing a Broadway career (everyone told me I belonged on stage but I wanted to be a movie star!), and (2) not telling the guy I was in love with how I felt about him when he asked (he was dating a friend and I was afraid I would lose our friendship if I was honest with him).

1-Mark-Zuckerberg-Facebook-smBut today’s note is not about me. It’s actually about a guy named Mark Zuckerberg, and two women named Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields.

Yep … Whether you love him or hate him; love Facebook or hate it, Mark Zuckerberg had a business proposition he wanted to share with five select individuals and only two showed up. Today those two guys are billionaires.

Coulda … Woulda … Shoulda …

I bet that’s what the three people who didn’t show up think to themselves on a daily – if not hourly – basis!

2-Bloomingdales-NYC-smEleven years ago, Drs. Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields (you know them as the doctors who created Proactiv Solution) had the same kind of “aha moment” when they decided to bring their new skincare line to the masses, with the idea of providing dermatological grade skincare without a visit to the dermatologist’s office.

So in 2002, they launched Rodan + Fields and sold it in high-end department stores, including Bloomingdales, Nordstrom’s, Bergdorf Goodman (NY) and Fred Segal (CA). When it became the #1 Clinical Skincare line at Nordstrom’s, via word of mouth, they realized they were missing out on a big portion of the population and decided to make an INSANE MOVE: They eliminated the middleman by pulling out of department stores, redesigning their business model and going directly to the consumer. They relaunched Rodan + Fields in 2009 and BUSINESS EXPLODED!


Rodan + Fields is now poised to be a billion dollar brand (like Proactiv) and is currently only available in the USA. We will be going into Canada in January 2014 and expanding globally after that. Can you imagine what it would have been like to be the first person to bring MaryKay Cosmetics into Canada? That’s what will happen when R+F opens up there in January!

So, if you’re looking for an additional source of income, or are even just the tiniest bit curious to know more about what this company is all about, I would love to talk with you for a few minutes to share with you what I know and answer any questions you may have – no hassle, no obligation – I promise! After all, I would never want you to be in the same Coulda Woulda Shoulda position that Mark Zuckerberg’s (former!) friends now find themselves in!

In the meantime, please feel free to check out the two Success Stories (below) on my friend Lindsey, and my personal business partner, Sarah!


6 LindseyLINDSEY (Former College Student)

Lindsey launched her Rodan + Fields Independent Consultantship as a college student living in Montana. Working several part-time jobs and having accumulated a fair amount of student debt, Lindsey saw the Rodan + Fields business opportunity as the perfect career move. The Company provided her with the tools she needed to quickly maximize her income potential. In just three years of working her R+F business 10 to 15 hours a week around her two part-time jobs, Lindsey was able to pay off her student loans and graduate debt free.

Lindsey credits Rodan + Fields for helping her transform from a student living paycheck-to-paycheck into a successful businesswoman. After graduating from college, she was able to quit her other jobs and focus on growing her R+F business. “It’s a win-win situation,” says Lindsey, “What could be better than having the opportunity to earn income while helping people feel better about themselves?”


7 SarahSARAH (Formerly Shy Kindergarten Teacher)

Imagine struggling on a kindergarten teacher’s salary one day and then becoming a million dollar earner. Of course it didn’t happen overnight, but when you’re doing what you love, it really seems that way. How did it happen? I guess you could say I’m proof that if you’re willing to heed its call, life has a way of taking you in exciting new directions.

Fortunately, I paid attention to the voice of opportunity and became one of the first Consultants when the Doctors decided to leave high-end department stores to pursue direct selling. I joined the company because I saw it as a great way to supplement my teaching income.

Initially, I just loved how the products improved my skin and was excited to share what I’d discovered. The fact that Rodan + Fields rewarded me for my enthusiasm meant I could supplement my salary by doing something positive for myself, and others. Day by day, I used my teaching talents to build an organization of thousands of people just like me … people with a passion for pursuing their dreams. And suddenly my plan B had become my plan A, and I went from being one of the company’s first Consultants to one of the first Million Dollar Circle Achievers.

P.S.  CHECK IT OUT … Meet Our Newest Rodan + Fields Consultant … KELLY BENSIMON (from The Real Housewives of New York)

We’ve all heard about them and most of us have probably seen at least one episode of the show!  But leave it to Kelly Bensimon to realize that partnering up with the Doctors and owning her own piece of the $6 billion skincare market was an opportunity that was just too good to pass up … Welcome, Kelly!


BTW: Wondering who the beautiful blonde is on the far left side of the photo? It’s Tish Cyrus (i.e. Billy Ray’s wife; Miley’s mom) who is also an R+F Consultant!

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