My Beauty Bag – Blistex DCT

blistex dctWhen I was having my makeup done one day while on a film set, the makeup artist first used Blistex DCT on my lips, before she added lip liner and then lipstick. When asked her why, she told me that it worked as a good “base” to help set the lip color. So now I use it all the time myself!

HOWEVER … if you really want your lipstick to go the distance during the day (or night) here are a few extra tips than can help!

  1. Before applying anything to your lips (lip balm, lip liner, etc.), add a very, very thin layer of foundation to your lips first. This will serve as the foundation upon which you will build your color.
  2. Add Blistex DCT on top of the foundation.
  3. Add your lip liner on top of the Blistex.
  4. Add your lipstick or lip gloss on top of your lip liner (personally, I prefer lip gloss during the summer months).
  5. Grab a Kleenex, pull it apart (you should have two very thin pieces), and put it against your lips.
  6. Take your powder brush (from whatever powder you use to set your makeup) and brush a tiny amount of powder against the Kleenex. It will actually penetrate through the Kleenex and help set your lipstick.

Want to try Blistex DCT for yourself? Here’s an easy way to find out where you can purchase it in the USA.

P.S. Please note that there are additional stores that carry it along with those listed on the site above. For example, when I purchase it, I do so at my local Ace Hardware. Also, don’t purchase it on Amazon or Ebay, as it is way overpriced on those sites (it should not cost you more than about $3.00 each).