Redefining Beautiful… through Cancer

Marcie at 18

The first time I met her she was 18 and full of life, with a contagious laugh and a smile that could fill any room. She was also losing her mother to breast cancer.

The last time I saw her – two years ago – she was about to be diagnosed with a rare form of cancer herself: Stage 4, no less.

Several months ago, as she was heading into her 17th round of chemo, she made this post on Facebook:


Marcie Fighting Cancer“I went to the oncologist … I got a little worried that maybe the cancer was back … I have felt a tumor growing in my lower abdomen over the last week or so. It’s fast! According to the PET scan, I have about 7 documented tumors and a “scattering” of tumors they didn’t measure, and there is some metastasis along my bladder wall.

So…we start chemo again! I know that God does beautiful things when I have chemo … I’ll continue with my plans to go to Colorado, and my dreams of a trip to Uganda and some tropical beach vacation! And in the meantime, I’ll try to do my best wherever I’m placed!”


Marcie CancerAs I mentioned in my last Beauty Basics column, I truly believe the time has come for us to redefine our concept of “beautiful” because it is so much deeper than the superficial beauty – as defined by Hollywood – we witness on a daily basis.

And with her can do attitude, along with her commitment to truly live her life full out – even while battling Stage 4 cancer – Marcie is one of the most beautiful women I have ever met!