Redefining Beautiful … through Giving Back to Others


Let’s be honest: the first thing you notice about him are his GQ looks! Piercing blue eyes, well-defined cheekbones and a rock hard body could easily make others view him as nothing more than eye candy. If you knew him in person, however, you would discover that the real Paul Walker, was so much more than just another pretty face!

He had no interest in fame and no interest in living the typical Hollywood lifestyle embraced by so many of his peers.

Paul & Meadow WalkerInstead of living in Los Angeles, Paul moved to the seaside community of Santa Barbara, where he could focus on being a full-time father to his daughter, Meadow. And instead of taking advantage of his celebrity status, he actually preferred to remain behind the scenes, which is what led him to launch his non-profit organization, Reach Out Worldwide (ROWW) in 2010, after the devastating earthquakes in Haiti.

Seeing a gap between the availability of skilled resources and the requirement for qualified personnel in post-disaster situations, Paul contacted a group of his friends and with their help, launched ROWW, in order to meet this unmet need.

According to the website: ROWW is a network of committed professionals with first responder skill-set (including project management, logistics, heavy equipment operation, EMT, paramedic, firefighting, and healthcare, etc). The volunteers provide their expertise when disasters strike and augment local resources with the goal of accelerating relief efforts on a worldwide basis. ROWW has developed Standard Operating Procedures that facilitate arriving quickly, clearing access, providing basic necessities and medical assistance to ease the survivors’ pain and bringing hope in the bleakest of circumstances.

ROWW operates on the philosophy that by making a difference in just one person’s life, the world has been changed for the better.


The very day I became a Hollywood agent, I talked to the head of the talent agency about representing Paul Walker because I knew he had that elusive “it factor.” So it is with enormous grief and sadness that I find myself still struggling to deal with the shock and reality of his death.

And while this whole situation feels like nothing more than a horrifically bad dream I still cannot quite process, the one thing I know for sure is this: while many in Hollywood saw Paul Walker as nothing more than a so-so actor with GQ looks (in fact in 2002 People Magazine voted him as one of their most beautiful people), the real Paul Walker was a truly humble guy who was passionate about his family (especially his daughter, Meadow) and his friends, and who not only saw an unmet need in this world, but decided to do something about it by launching a charity that is committed to making the world a better place for those in the most dire of circumstances.

More than just another pretty face, Paul Walker is the perfect example of Redefining Beautiful and I will miss him very much.

Paul Walker

P.S. To learn more about Reach Out Worldwide and make a donation or to see how you can get involved with the organization directly, go to: