Sharon’s clients come from all walks of life and to date more than 80% of them have achieved at least one of their goals within the first two months of working together.

Those clients represent such industries as: Entertainment, Health and Healing, Real Estate, Direct Marketing, Not-for-Profit and Hospitality, among others.

“Sharon offers a user-friendly combination of acquired wisdom, business etiquette, and good old-fashioned common sense for anyone who’s just beginning to navigate the strange and often murky waters of this swamp we lovingly call Hollywood.”

Mark Deklin, “GCB” Actor,


“Sharon is a thoughtful and inspiring coach who never ceases to ask the right questions about why you are, or aren’t, doing the things which matter most in your life in business. From the first call until the last, you know she’s in your corner helping to propel you forward, ever closer to your goals!”

Sandra Martini, Small Biz Expert,

Melissa Galt“Sharon Moist is a caring and generous coach; she is gentle in her approach and highly supportive. Her timeless methodology is unique and [she] is a valued guide at keeping on track and maintaining focus. I recommend her services entirely.”

Melissa Galt, Life Designer / Business Coach,

Thomas Mikusz“Sharon inspires, motivates and encourages and [she] helped me to not only see my purpose with more clarity but also to put my vision into reality and to go for it! And did I mention that it’s also fun working with her? I highly recommend [working with] Sharon.”

Thomas Mikusz, Actor,

Jennifer Grisanti“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Sharon when I was an executive at Spelling Television Inc. She knows how to spot talent and is an absolute pleasure to do business with. I found her instincts to be spot on [and] highly recommend working with Sharon.”

Jennifer Grisanti, Story Consultant / Author,

Anne Clair Marlborough“As a graphics production producer, I worked with Sharon for a short but significant time. She is, without a doubt, dedicated and loyal to her work and with an eye for detail. I write to endorse her as a solid professional.”

Anne Clair Marlborough, Artist / Graphic Designer, Los Angeles, CA

Melissa Kampa“I went in to Sharon’s Dare to Be Authentic™ program happy with my life but wondering if there was a way it could be improved. I was skeptical at first, but I soon realized the course applied to more areas of my life than I thought possible. The life stories Sharon uses as examples relate the wisdom she has obtained to my own personal experiences. Thanks to the DARE program, not only did I become aware of changes I could make to improve my quality of life, but I was able to recognize and appreciate ways I was already living authentically but had taken for granted before.”

Melissa Campa, Operations Manager,

“Sharon is extremely perceptive and able to quickly get right to the core of things. In each session, I learned valuable techniques that enabled me to better achieve my goals. She is direct and could pinpoint what in my thinking held me back. Her encouragement and insight made me want to discover, acknowledge and overcome the roadblocks to my success. Thank you, Sharon, for helping me gain the courage to create the life I have always wanted.”

Rob Smore, Int’l Marketing Specialist, Las Vegas, NV

Julie Smith“Sharon is one of the most thoughtful and caring people I know. As a coach, she gets to the heart of what’s holding you back in your life and business, and helps you get the focus to break free and begin to move forward authentically, in a way that supports you and your business.”

Julie Smith, Online Marketing Consultant,

Susan Knoll“Sharon has been an asset I could not live without. I recently lost my job – turning my life upside down. With Sharon’s coaching, I was able to get back on my feet quickly. She helped me focus in on what I really wanted and not fall prey to taking the first position that came along. Now I am in my dream job … a job I did not think was even possible three months ago. I have never been happier in my personal or professional life. Thank you, Sharon!”

Susan Knoll, Marketing V.P., Dallas, TX

Faith Calvert“Sharon has a talent for showing you what your talents are, a gift for revealing to you the gifts with which you have been endowed. Her passion is to enable others to realize their potential. Sharon has shown me that my life can look the way I want it to, that I can decide; that I have the power to design my life and make it real. I never understood that before. Thank you Sharon.“

Faith Calvert, Writer, Washington, DC

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